Aust Legal Privacy Commitments

At Aust LLP, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality legal services tailored to the needs of our clients. In a constantly evolving digital landscape, adhering to legal standards is fundamental to you and your company’s well-being. The following outlines our commitment to protecting your privacy and data, providing insights into our practices and principles.

Privacy and Individuals

Personal information is any data recorded by our firm regarding the identity of an individual or by which an identity can be inferred. While we are primarily a firm that deals with corporate affairs, this often means gathering and storing personal information about those people at the heart of the businesses we represent. Whether it involves drafting agreements or handling employee data for businesses, we take the utmost care in protecting your confidentiality.

Please note that this Privacy Policy does not pertain to information related to entities or situations where the identity of individuals cannot be ascertained from the data (referred to as “Aggregated Information”). Aust Legal reserves the right to employ Aggregated Information as it deems appropriate.

Our Five Pillars

Accountability: We take responsibility for the information you entrust us with.

Our collection, utilization, and disclosure of personal information primarily serve the purpose of delivering legal services to clients. It may also be used for administrative tasks and maintaining relationships. When mandated by law, we share data with the courts or government authorities. As per professional conduct rules, Aust Legal requires all its legal professionals, staff, employees, contractors, and agents to uphold strict confidentiality of information provided by clients.

  • Privacy Incident Management and Response Procedures: Aust Legal treats privacy incidents seriously and maintains an incidents of confidentiality record. In case of such an incident, Aust Legal will consider the sensitivity of the information in question and the anticipated consequences of their use. If a confidentiality incident presents a harmful risk to people, Aust Legal will notify the Commission d’accès à l’information and the individuals affected by the incident.

Transparency: We provide clear explanations for requesting your information and ensure that it is used exclusively for its intended purpose.

  • Information Use: Aust Legal may collect, use, or disclose personal information at you or your corporation’s discretion. Information will typically be employed for determining the potential establishment of a professional relationship or during an ongoing professional relationship, and it may include your name, contact details, identity verification information, legal requirements, payment information, and any other information provided by you.
  • Consent: Your consent to Aust Legal for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information is assumed when you provide such information to us. All information collected is held in strict confidence and is not disclosed unless expressly or implicitly authorized by the concerned individual or organization or when permitted or required by applicable law.

When you provide us with your personal data in any medium or channel, you consent to the processing as described in our Privacy Notice. We may also send you additional notices for specific data uses, giving you the option to opt in or out. If you don’t agree, please avoid submitting any personal information, but note that some services may require it for access.

  • Third-Party Services: We might enlist the services of third-party providers, and these providers are contractually obligated to ensure the protection of your information.

Non-Selling Policy: We never sell your personal information.

Nor do we engage in any automatic collection of personal information. Our website does not employ cookies or any other similar technologies that monitor or save your preferences, personal information, or activity. It is important to note that our website includes links to external websites, and we recommend reviewing their privacy policies prior to disclosing any personal information.

Information Life Cycle: We have established protocols for the secure disposal of personal information nonessential to the services we provide.

We retain personal information solely for its initial purpose or to adhere to legal and professional standards. We ensure the security of personal information through different procedures and promptly remove confidential information upon request in compliance with applicable laws.

Data Access: We provide information about the personal data we hold upon request.

Unless prohibited by law, you have the right to verify, amend, or withdraw your consent to the management of your personal information at any time.

Get in Touch

Your Privacy Matters

We emphasize the availability of our staff to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding this Privacy Policy, accessing your Personal Information, or reporting a violation. You can reach our Chief Privacy Officer by email at, or by mail at

Chief Privacy Officer
Aust LLP
1010 de la Gauchetière O., suite 1350
Montreal, QC, H3B 2N2

This Privacy Policy may undergo periodic review and revision by Aust Legal. Any amendments will be communicated through appropriate notices on our website. Your continued access or use of our website or provision of personal information, following such changes, implies your acceptance of and agreement to the revised Privacy Policy. Therefore, it is advisable to periodically review this policy for updates regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal information. We also encourage you to seek more detailed information about the most up-to-date privacy rights in your province.