Agreement unites industry’s global leaders in solutions for developing, delivering and managing content, building on strong adoption by mutual customers

MadCap Software, Inc., the leader in multi-channel content authoring backed by global investment firm Battery Ventures, today announced the acquisition of IXIASOFT, the leader in Darwin Information Type Architecture (DITA) component content management system (CCMS) software. The combination, which builds on strong adoption by both companies’ customers, enables organizations to choose best-in-class solutions, aligned with their specific needs for developing, delivering and managing content, from a single vendor. The move follows double-digit revenue growth in 2022 for both MadCap Software and IXIASOFT as more organizations worldwide made the companies their providers of choice for creating and publishing modern content.

As customers’ digital and physical interactions increasingly intersect, they want one thing: a consistent content experience with accurate, personalized information. Together, MadCap Software and IXIASOFT address this demand across the enterprise with solutions for creating, translating and delivering consistent, up-to-date content tailored for different users’ roles. As a result, large organizations around the world increasingly rely on both IXIASOFT and MadCap Software for their different content demands.

MadCap Software has led the evolution of solutions for authoring modern documentation portals, employee training materials, user guides, and more—all from a single source for any format, including online, mobile and print. Using MadCap Flare desktop software and the cloud-based MadCap Central content experience management (CxM) platform, many customers are setting new standards for how content is delivered. Notable examples include interactive automotive owner manuals embedded in a dashboard’s infotainment system, aviation manuals on mobile devices for pilots and flight attendants, and product guide content converted into multimedia eLearning courses.

Meanwhile, IXIASOFT is the leading provider of solutions for creating the structured content that is critical for ensuring accurate use and safety, such as product guides and operations manuals for healthcare systems, manufacturing equipment, hardware and software, among others. Since first contributing to the OASIS Open DITA 1.0 standard for highly structured content, IXIASOFT has been at the forefront in streamlining the production of DITA-compliant technical documentation. Renowned for its enterprise-class functionality, IXIASOFT CCMS has attracted an impressive customer base, especially since introducing its cloud-based offering.

“Digital content increasingly plays a pivotal role in empowering businesses to compete on the quality of their customer, partner and employee experiences while significantly reducing costs. But too often companies lack a clear migration path as their organizations and content requirements grow,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap Software founder and CEO. “Now in bringing MadCap Software and IXIASOFT together, we can match organizations with the right, industry-leading solutions for their content needs today while providing the proven technology and industry expertise to evolve their content strategies and meet the needs of tomorrow.”

Under the agreement, IXIASOFT is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of MadCap Software. In addition to its headquarters in Montreal, IXIASOFT has operations in France, Germany and Japan, which will further extend MadCap Software’s global presence.

“For more than 15 years, IXIASOFT and MadCap Software have taken parallel paths in redefining how content, is created, delivered, repurposed and managed.,” said Éric Bergeron, IXIASOFT co-founder and CEO. “Bringing our combined strengths together and offering customers a wider range of solutions is a natural next step, and we are excited to team with MadCap Software in building on our shared vision for the future of digital content to serve organizations worldwide.”

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